Brand Retail - About Us

Who We Are

The Who
Brand Retail is represented by professionals with 30+ years of advertising and retail implementation experience.

The Why
Based on the experience and understanding of the gaps between commitment and delivery Brand Retail aims to deliver what is committed.

The How


    Basic aim: The product decoration should ensure ‘Trail’, ‘Demo’, ‘Touch-n-feel’, and ultimately purchase

    Role of visibility
    Product display is attractive and draws customer attention

    Points to be considered
    • Study the shop pattern w.r.t ambience, customer profile, lighting, rack space, range display etc
    • Understand the product
    • Watch the competition
    • Decide the key areas to be highlighted

    A deeper cut…
      Understand the message
      Is it a…
    • - price off/discount?
    • - exchange offer?
    • - festival offer?
    • feature benefit
    • comparison with competition
    • new launch, etc

    Piecing it together…
    • In-shop displays create a brand image
    • It aids recall about a brand/product
    • It acts as a sales person for the brand

    In-shop displays
    • Help the promoter sell the product easily
    • The features highlighted help the customer know more about the product
    • Attractive displays draw the customer
    • In a multi-brand counter, it is better to create a separate zone for the brand

To ensure smooth and timely deliveries at the best costs, following systems are being put in place:
  • Single point of contact from start to end
  • Pre-approved estimates before start up
  • Delivery schedule with time lags factored in
  • Daily/weekly update on all jobs under way
  • Flagging of any deviations from the agreed course
  • All relevant proof/s of the jobs done
The What
The Brand Retail team has partnered with MNC’s to ensure their brand presence is magnified in the retail space, aptly defined as the last mile, the place where the battle of the mind is fought.

Ensuring the brand gets it due visibility and mileage for an informed decision to be made.

The Scope
Simply put, ANYTHING in Retail!

Understanding the desired brand footprint in retail is the starting point

Size of the campaign really doesn’t matter

Execution is the key.

The Retail Space
Having executed jobs pan India for products varying from Retailer Glow sign boards for Tata Genuine Parts, Gates for the launch of Tata Grease, LED boards for Tata Genuine Parts Distributors, Led display boards for Sony Play Station, Standees, 3D boards, the expertise also extends to organizing events such as dealer meets, customer contact programs, annual events…

Contact People
You can get in touch with us at Avyudaya Chaudhuri or Nirbhay Mishra

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